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Line 6 POD Farm 2

February 18, 2011

PODFarm2_nrThis dual patch combines a Jazz Chorus-style amp with a bass head, compressor, and 8 x 10" cabinet.


Dedicated bass simulation: The five dedicated bass amps are inspired by the usual suspects—Fender Bassman, Eden Traveler WT-300, Ampeg SVT and B-15A, and Gallien-Kruger 800RB. Matching cabinets include a 1 x 15" based on Ampeg’s “flip top” B-15, a 2 x 15" Ashdown ABM 210T, two different 4 x 10" options (based on David Eden and Hartke amps), and a classic 8 x 10" Ampeg SVT-type cab. Springing the extra bucks for POD Farm 2 Platinum gives you a whopping 28 bass amps and 22 bass cabs.

Miking options: As with most sims, Line 6 offers a different roster of mics for bass than for guitar: tube 47 close, tube 47 far, 20 dynamic, and 112 dynamic. The miking positions aren’t particularly flexible, but imparting a room sound is easy with the continuously-variable “air” parameter.

Parallel paths: POD Farm 2 allows for two parallel signal chains. There are limits on how many total modules you can load, but few limitations on type—you could parallel two amps, two amps each with effects, one amp chain and one effects chain, etc. Furthermore, each tone has a separate blend control for DI sound, which includes a delay knob so you can align direct and processed sounds for proper phase coherence.

Dedicated bass effects: POD Farm 2 comes with emulations of the Maestro Bass BrassMaster and Sans Amp Bass Driver, but the sheer number of effects, and the ability to parallel them with dry bass, yield a huge number of useful bass sounds. As with the amps and cabs, the Platinum version is all about more: 97 effects instead of 29 (including a Mutron III model, which has traditionally been popular with bass), and many are guitar/ bass agnostic—for example, the LA-2A compressor emulation works with anything.

Bottom line on the bottom end: Line 6’s Gear- Box software was limiting for bass because you couldn’t create parallel paths; POD Farm 2 solves that problem, and has evolved into a primo contender for bass. I also feel that the amps and cabs included with the standard version are intended to handle the needs of the greatest number of players; Line 6 doesn’t save the “good stuff” for the Platinum version, which instead offers more tones for hardcore tweakers.

For me, POD Farm 2’s distinguishing feature is the fact that it’s so laden with options, there are many opportunities for sonic experimentation; and don’t forget, there are excellent effects for vocals, too.

Price: $49, Platinum $249 if you own Line 6 hardware. For the iLok version, add $50; also comes included with various Line 6 interfaces.


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