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LinPlug MorphoX (Mac/Win) Download of the Month

December 1, 2010

With LinPlug''s newest synth, the name of the game is the name of the synth. MorphoX (Mac/Win, $129) is a subtractive-style synth with morphing of each of its hundred or so parameters. Its controls are organized as two identical control panels, and a MorphoX preset comprises a different setup for each panel. You can copy and paste setups between panels, even in different presets. Once you''ve created or loaded a preset, morphing is ready to go. Morphing is effected by the MIDI mod wheel (CC1), and you can adjust both the shape and boundaries of the mod-wheel curve, letting you quickly adapt the rate and extent of morphing to the context of your song (see Web Clip 1).

Calling MorphoX a subtractive-style synth somewhat underplays its power and flexibility. Each oscillator mixes two additively constructed waveforms, which you choose from a dropdown of about 40. The two oscillators, along with a noise generator, feed a resonant filter that lets you blend lowpass, bandpass, and highpass outputs. The filter feeds an amp section with sends for chorus and delay effects (also with morphing parameters).

Audio-rate modulation abounds with FM and ring modulation between the oscillators, and FM of the filter cutoff by the first oscillator. For control-rate modulators you get three ADSR envelope generators, a glide envelope (think glissando), three LFOs, a stair generator, and an arpeggiator that can target both controls and notes. A 10-row modulation matrix lets you route any modulator to virtually any MorphoX parameter. Multiply all that by two and add continuous morphing to get what this synth is about.

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