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Microsoft Windows Vista: Back up your data to DVD-ROMs

January 1, 2009


1. Insert a blank, recordable DVD-ROM into your computer’s DVD drive. The Autoplay screen appears; click on “Burn files to disc using Windows.” This offers more flexibility than burning a data disc using Windows Media Player.


2. The Burn a Disc window appears. Title the disc, then click on “Show Formatting Options” and select “Mastered” to create a DVD-ROM readable in both Windows and Mac computers. Click on Next.


3. Drag the files you want to burn to the DVD drive window pane.


4. A window shows the progress in writing temporary files that will be burned to the DVD. Click on More Information for data on the copying process, or click on Less Information to hide this data.


5. Click on Burn to Disc.


6. Choose the desired Recording Speed (as supported by your drive and media), then click on Next. Files will be added to the disc image, burning begins, and a progress bar keeps you informed of what’s happening. When all files are copied, click on Finish. Done!



-For a quick burn, in Step 1 select “Burn a DVD data disc using Windows Media Player.” Then you can just drag files into a pane and select “Burn Disc.”
-In Step 2, click on “Which CD or DVD format should I choose?” to learn more about the many options offered by Vista, including the Live File System that allows using your DVD-ROM drive almost like a USB memory stick. Cool stuff.
-In Step 6, be patient—it can take a while to write the files to the disk image. Note that you also have the option to burn another disc as well as finish.

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