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Mixvibes Cross DVS

May 28, 2014
Mixvibes introduces Cross DVS, a pack with its flagship pro DJ
software, Cross + 2 control vinyls. It works with any soundcard and
mixer, and is only $149.

Open: Works with your audio interface.
DJs can use Cross DVS with:
● Any 4-channels soundcard with Asio driver or Core audio.
● Any mixer with built-in soundcard.
● Over 80 MIDI controllers (DVS supported if 4-channels soundcard)
Full list of supported MIDI controllers:

Affordable: Pro DJ software + 2 control vinyls for $149
So what’s in the box?
● A pro DJ software: Cross. It has 4 decks, a sampler, iTunes integration and more.
● 2 control vinyls + ISO files to burn control CDs.
● The opportunity NOT to buy a new soundcard, since Cross DVS works with any soundcard or mixer with built-in soundcard.

Full-featured: Cross has more than a regular DJ software.
Cross DVS includes Cross, the latest Mixvibes DJ software.
● More features: more video mix options, more CDJ models available in HID mode.
● Exclusive features: rekordbox sync, video sampler, direct share of your mix on major streaming platforms (Mixcloud, Soundcloud, YouTube, Dailymotion)

Pricing and availability
Cross DVS is $149.99.
Grab it here:

About Mixvibes
Mixvibes has been developing DJ apps for Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone for more than 10
years. It is also the company behind Pioneer’s rekordbox™, worldwide club standard
music management software.
Main software features:
- Works with any soundcard
- Advanced collection: playlists, search and iTunes integration
- Keylock: no more tone changes
- Use quantized loops, hot cues and smart seek to re-edit tracks live
- Add effects, samples and video to the mix
- Simple, no-fuss user interface
- Plug & play with your audio interface
- Ultra stable system based on Mixvibes’ 10-year experience in DVS technology
- 4 full-featured decks
- Full Video mixing (2 video decks, video sampler)
- Two 8-pad samplers
- Key detection and control
- Frequency colored waveforms
- 14 effects
- iTunes integration and advanced music collection
- 2 player timecode control (vinyl or CD)
- Pioneer CDJ control (HID)
- MIDI control with 80+ mappings included
- iOS remote control
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