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ModernBeats debuts VST Plugins for Hip Hop

July 29, 2005

Consisting of 5 innovative plugins to enhance users' hip hop productions, individual titles include: WaterVerb, SubAtomik, BlazeBox, TimeMachine, and Transistor.

WaterVerb - Fuse liquid water with a reverb and you have "WaterVerb". WaterVerb Plugin features include:

  • 10 Stereo Water Samples to select from -Stream, Brook , Shower, Rain, Drizzle, Pouring, Faucet, Drip, Bubbling, & Bath
  • Water Level & Mix parameters
  • Unique Low Pass and High Pass Filter parameters
  • Reverb Size, Width, Damp, Mix, & Pre-Delay parameters
SubAtomik - A sub-frequency enhancer, low-band compressor, plus sub-key listen. SubAtmoik Plugin features include:
  • Precise Sub Control with variable Sub Freq, Sub "Q", & Sub Gain parameters
  • Low-Band Compressor with selective Compressor Frequency, Threshold, Attack, Release, & Ratio parameters
  • Plus Sub Compressor Listen Key along with an overall Compressor Gain Knob
BlazeBox - A Multi-FX plugin with Wah-Wah, Phaser, Tremolo, plus Auto-Pan. BlazeBox Plugin features include:
  • Wah-Wah effect with variable Frequency, Range, Distortion Boost, Time Signature Sync, LFO Offset, and Mix parameters
  • Vintage Phaser effect with variable Frequency, Range, Feedback, Phase Shift, Time Signature Sync, LFO Offset, and Mix parameters
  • Tremolo effect with selective LFO waveforms & Time Signature Sync, plus variable LFO Offset & Mix parameters
  • Auto-Pan effect with selective LFO waveforms & Time Signature Sync, plus variable LFO Offset & Mix parameters
  • Overall Manual rate control and Sync control options
TimeMachine - Adds years of damage, dirt, and grit to any input signals. TimeMachine Plugin features include:
  • Variable Dust Mix & Volume Control
  • Variable Hum Tone & Volume Control
  • Variable Record Belt Tone & Volume Control
  • Awesome variable "Age" control
  • Record Scratch Mix & Volume controls with Selective 33/45 RPM emulation
Transistor - Creative CB Radio and/or Walkie Talkie emulator. Perfect for song skits, introductions, and bridge breakdowns. Transistor Plugin features include:
  • Input signal High Pass & Low Pass Filters
  • Noise Level & Noise Gate parameters
  • 3 Selective Radio Distortion types with Distortion Gain control
  • CB Speaker emulation with High & Low Pass Filters
  • Crossover Distortion, Tune, & Tune Volume control
  • Authentic CB Radio FX & Samples for automated triggering including: Radio Hand Clicks, Call Tones, Noise Loops, & Squelches
For more information, visit their website at

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