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Moog Music Announces Little Phatty Editor Librarian

July 17, 2007

Moog Music's new Little Phatty Editor Librarian (Mac/Win; $69) software is an accessory for storing, editing, mutating, morphing, and creating presets for both the Little Phatty Tribute and Stage Editions.

Through a MIDI connection from the Little Phatty to a computer, the program can receive single presets or a bank of presets from the Little Phatty, as well as replace individual presets or an entire bank. Once the presets are transmitted to the LP Editor Librarian, all preset parameters can be displayed in a graphical user interface, including edit functions like Pot Mapping and Filter Poles. You can also create custom preset banks or new presets by morphing or mutating two presets together.

Demo the Little Phatty Editor Librarian software by downloading it from

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