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Moog Music Announces OS Upgrades for Voyager and Little Phatty

July 16, 2008
Little Phatty

Moog Music has announced that if you own a Voyager or Little Phatty synthesizer, you can now upgrade their capabilities using free downloads from the company's Web site.

The Voyager 3.4 operating system offers local control options, new touch surface features, and improved pot resolution. The Little Phatty Stage Edition has also been improved, with the addition of an arpeggiator in the Stage II, a Tap Tempo and MIDI sync capability for controlling LFO and Arpeggiator rate, and a new bank of presets.

Voyager owners can get software and/or hardware updates. The free software upgrade for owners with version 3.0 or above is available for download at under the “Software” tab. The hardware upgrade is available for those of you who have an older model of the Voyager (OS revision 2.5 or lower, built before August, 2005); this increases the current single bank of 128 presets to 7 banks of 128 for a total of 896, and is available as a field upgrade for $265 or as a factory upgrade for $365.

Little Phatty owners can download free software upgrades for the Little Phatty Stage Edition at (under the “Software” tab). If you own a Stage Edition and want to add the MIDI over USB capability of the Stage II, you can get a hardware-based upgrade as a field upgrade for $100 or a factory upgrade for $150.

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