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MOTU Announces Volta Instrument Plug-in

January 28, 2009
Volta user interface

MOTU, Inc. has announced Volta (Mac), a virtual instrument plug-in that allows you to play and automate modular synthesizers or any hardware equipped with control voltage (CV) inputs—all from your choice of host audio workstation software.

Volta receives conventional virtual instrument input, such as MIDI notes, MIDI controller data, and high-resolution audio track ramp automation. It then responds by outputting a corresponding control voltage signal, which the host software then routes to the outputs of any DC-coupled audio interface connected to the computer. According to the manufacturer, the resulting DC voltage can then drive a standard CV input, such as those found on classic modular synthesizers, modern analog mono synths, and effects processors.

In short, the plug-in offers MIDI sequencing, instant tuning and calibration, virtual instrument operation, track freezing, automation, a simple user interface, total recall, tempo synch, built-in control sources, and more.

Volta will ship in the first quarter of 2009 as an AU plug-in instrument compatible with any AU host on Mac OS X. For more information, please visit

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