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MOTU Digital Performer 7.1 Now Shipping

January 20, 2010

Digital Performer 7.1 is a free update for all DP7 users and is now available for immediate download at Version 7.1 adds dozens of new features and enhancements, including a new Tuner plug-in, improvements to track folders, auto-save and more.

DP 7.1's new Tuner plug-in can be used to tune a guitar, bass, sax or any other pitched instrument. Advanced features include adjustable tuning reference (400 to 480 Hz) and test-tone generation. In addition, the animated metering indicates the harmonic complexity of the input signal and therefore the certainty of the pitch.

New auto-save preferences allow users to save their original document automatically at a chosen time interval, or auto-save to an auxiliary document in the background. The latter option allows the user to choose when he/she wants to save the original document while always maintaining a separate backup at all times.

Other features include new Custom '59 power amp models ( four new power amp models produce guitar tones with extra punch: preamp, vintage, classic and modern); guitar tone presets; track folder overview, editing and controls; channel strip presets; automatic addition of inserts; more plug-in presets; new Trim tool for automation; auto-check for updates; fine-tune control; more keyboard shortcuts; Core Audio file format support; and Pro Tools 8.03 compatibility.

Digital Performer 7.1 is available as a free update for registered DP7 users. Price is $795.

Find out more about Version 7.1.

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