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MOTU Ships MachFive 2

October 18, 2007
MOTU MachFive2

MOTU is now shipping MachFive 2.0 ($495), a major upgrade to the universal sampler instrument. Version 2's new features include 32 GB (four dual-layer DVDs) of included sounds; unlimited parts per instance; a new graphics engine; full-screen editing and programming; a new modular synthesis architecture; keygroup layering with rule-based switching; a built-in mixer, 47 effects, including convolution reverb; LoopLab groove slice engine; sample time-stretching; unlimited multipoint envelopes; standalone operation; and more.

MachFive 2 is a universal audio sampler that is compatible with all major plug-in hosts, sound libraries, and sample formats. MachFive 2 supports every major software instrument plug-in format platform (MAS, VST, AU, RTAS, and DXi), as well as standalone operation for both Mac and PC.

A total of 32 GB of sounds and loops are included, offering an array of multi-sample instruments, loops and phrases, and premium material recorded at 192 kHz. Over the four DVDs, you'll get sampled grand piano, electric piano, guitars, basses, drum kits, percussion, and orchestra sounds.

In addition, MachFive 2 opens and reads all major sampler library and audio file formats directly, including Giga 1/2/3, EXS24, Kontakt 1/2, Roland S700 series, Akai MPC, Akai S series, Kurzweil K2xxx series, E-Mu, Ensoniq ASR, SampleCell II, MOTU Symphonic and Ethno Instruments, SoundFont and UVI soundcards, and more, with no conversion necessary.

Registered MachFive Version 1 users can upgrade directly to the new version for $195. For more details about MachFive 2, visit

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