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Musikmesse 2010: TC Electronic Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle

March 25, 2010

With this bundle, PowerCore users can now add five vintage guitar effects pedals to their plug-in collections, including SCF (pictured), the company's stereo chorus flanger.

The plug-in list comprises Stereo Chorus + Pitch Modulator and Flanger; Booster + Line Driver and Distortion; TC XII Programmable Phaser; Sustain + Parametric Equalizer; and Dual Parametric Equalizer.

These five plug-ins are software replicas of the first five products to roll off the TC production line.

Supported PowerCores include PowerCore PCI Mk II, PowerCore Unplugged, PowerCore Express, PowerCore Compact, PowerCore FireWire, PowerCore X8 and PowerCore 6000.

The bundle will be available spring 2010 in VST and AU formats for PowerCore users on Mac or PC.

Find out more about the Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle.

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