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Native Instruments Musikmesse 2004 New Products

April 7, 2004

Native Instruments announced several new products at this year's Frankfurt Musikmesse. Among them is Guitar Rig (Mac/Win), a software/hardware package offering amp, cabinet, and mic modeling that can be controlled with an included pedalboard. Guitar Rig offers three tube amp emulations (a Fender Twin Reverb, a Marshall Plexi 50W, and a Mesa/Boogie Rectifier), 10 types of speakers, and 5 types of microphones. In addition, there are more than 20 effects, including emulations of distortion and modulation pedals, dynamic effects, wah-wah, and spring reverb, among others.

Guitar Rig lets you place a mic in one of four positions, and as many as eight speakers, each with their own mic configuration, can be combined into one setup. The modular structure of Guitar Rig allows you to combine any amplifier or effect in any order -- even several instances of the same module can be used in the same rig. The split module allows two parallel signal paths, with different amplifiers, cabinets, and effects, to be joined, mixed, or crossfaded.

Guitar Rig includes the Rig Kontrol foot controller, which offers four foot switches and a parameter pedal. Guitar Rig is a MIDI-free product: all parameter data is transmitted from the foot controller to the computer using a second, dedicated audio channel. It also acts as a DI for connecting your guitar to your computer -- no additional hardware is required.

Guitar Rig, which can run as a standalone application or as a plug-in, also includes a metronome, a tuner module, a time stretching feature, and Tape Deck modules, which allow you to play along with audio files (such as drum loops and MP3 files). Tape Deck modules can also be used to record a guitar performance, with or without effects. Native Instruments includes a library of audio loops of various styles to get you started. For more information, visit

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