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May 5, 2006

'BeatVox Drumz 1' offers MPC users a large collection of vocal drums which feature extensive programming of 192 source samples resulting in 768 sounds for MPC2000/XL/3000/LE/4000 versions and 192 sounds for the MPC1000/2500 version. Recorded, produced, and edited from a variety of professionally trained lips, each vocal drum sample was developed by merging classic beatbox expressions alongside modern hip hop drum textures.

Beatboxed samples contained in the library include sub-bass kicks, fast mouthed kicks, airy/breathy kicks, rims, sticks, claps, fast mouthed snares, airy vocal snares, mouth pops, tongue clicks, lip smacks, closed-open vox hats, vox cymbals, vox shakers, spits, water drops, breaths, and more!

'BeatVox Drumz 1" is available as a 12-disk floppy set or download. Prices start at just $29.95.

For more information and audio demos, visit their website at:

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