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New Gear, June 2011

June 1, 2011

Auralex SonoLite Panels
Acoustical treatment

highlights 2' x 2' x 1" fabric-wrapped StudiofoamPro panel • combines the look of the ELiTE ProPanel with StudiofoamPro''s cost • available in black or beige • overall Noise Coefficient Rating (NRC) of 0.75 • entry-level pricing
target market Budget-oriented home studios and small studios that require acoustical treatment
analysis Acoustic treatment is an important, but often overlooked, studio component. The pricing of some options puts them out of reach of small studios, so Auralex has come up with a less-expensive alternative to address that market.
Auralex SonoLite Panels Product Page

Image Line Software FL Studio 10
Audio production suite
$49–$399 depending
on version
highlights Includes 30 software instruments and over 40 effects • records up to 99 tracks • supports 64-bit plugins • many piano roll improvements, including Save As sheet music • plug-in delay compensation • lifetime free updates • available in four versions • can load as a VSTi in VST hosts
target market Those who want a DAW that can record, edit, arrange, mix, and master, but places a premium on workflow
analysis FL Studio, now in its 12th year of development, has progressed far beyond its original groove/loop-based roots. Image Line is one of the few companies to support operation of a Windows program under Apple''s Boot Camp; version 10 is a clear attempt to broaden FL Studio''s appeal.
Image Line Software FL Studio 10 Product Page

Waves OneKnob Plugs-Ins
Line of simple, inexpensive apps
$80 each, $400 for all seven
highlights The OneKnob Series includes Brighter, Phatter, Filter, Pressure, Louder, Driver, and Wetter functions • based on Waves processors • extremely simple operation • easy to use with hands-on controllers • suitable for live performance and DJs as well as standard recording studios
target market Plug-in users who seek Waves'' level of quality, but with simpler operation and lower cost
analysis Waves has a reputation of making fantastic-sounding plug-ins—if you can afford them. The OneKnob series brings Waves'' plug-in expertise not only to those on tight budgets, but also to onstage and DJ applications. As the single knob is essentially a macro, it controls an interplay of parameters in producing a particular effect.
Wave OneKnob Product Page

TC Electronic RH750
Bass amp head
$999 (estimated)
highlights 750W RMS, 1200 peak • SpectraComp per-string bass compressor • TubeTone preamp and power amp tube emulation • 4-band tone control section • three presets • built-in chromatic tuner • transformer-balanced line driver for driving PAs, mixers, DAW interfaces, etc.
target market Bass players who want more flexibility, tighter integration with the studio via the DI output, and presets for storing favorite sounds analysis Bass players are becoming more sophisticated about using amp heads that do more than just deliver raw power into a big speaker cabinet. TC has been actively pursuing that type of player, starting with the RH450; the RH750 takes the RH450 up a notch.
TC Electronic RH750 Product Page

Reference monitor
$1,400 each, $2,800 pair
highlights X-ART tweeter for accurate, transparent highs • horizontal mounting • high-frequency response up to 50kHz • two 7" woofers; one handles sub-bass frequencies to approximately 400Hz, while the other reproduces most of the midrange • 5-year warranty
target market Mid- and high-end studios, nearfield and midfield monitoring
analysis ADAM built its reputation on the X-ART tweeter, but has since created an entire line of well-received speakers, from ultra-compact “prosumer” models to high-performance reference monitors. The A77X resembles the A7X but is ideal for those who prefer horizontal mounting, extended bass, and higher volume levels.
ADAM A77X Product Page

Alpine MusicSafe Classic
Pro hearing protection
highlights Designed specifically for musicians and pro audio engineers • multi-frequency earplug • contains two different and interchangeable sets of music filters • medium and high attenuation rates up to 27.7dB, depending on the frequency • adapts to the unique shape of the wearer''s auditory duct
target market Musicians and sound engineers who want to protect their hearing
analysis It''s not hard to reduce the levels coming in to your ears, but it''s difficult to do so without affecting the clarity and fidelity of what you''re hearing. The dual-filter design preserves fidelity, but as people won''t wear earplugs if they''re uncomfortable, the design is also intended for comfort over extended listening sessions.
Alpine MusicSafe Classic Product Page

Genelec 1238CFM
Tri-amplified DSP monitoring system
highlights Two eight-inch long-throw bass drivers (bass response down to 57Hz) • five-inch proprietary Genelec midrange driver • one-inch metal dome tweeter • multiple power amplifiers (390 watts total) • digital signal processing (DSP) circuitry • active, low-level crossovers
target market Smaller recording studios and post-production suites who want the mid- and high-frequency characteristics of Genelec speakers, but in a more compact package
analysis Today''s audio production rooms are often small, and most multichannel environments use a subwoofer combined with bass management to handle most of the LF content. The 1238CFM was engineered for this type of scenario, and designed for compatible operation with subwoofers.
Genelec Site

n-Track Software n-Track Studio
DAW software for iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch
$3.99 from iTunes App Store
The first DAW software available for Windows, Mac, and iOS platforms • quickly record multitrack song ideas • supports at least four tracks on iPhone 3G, at least 10 on the iPad and iPhone 4 • overdub, edit, and then export recordings in mixed-down WAV or multitrack (.sng) format • EQ, Spectrum Analyzer and Tuner window
target market
Mobile musicians, particularly those who want to bring song ideas into a standard studio environment
As more musicians carry iOS devices, it becomes more practical than ever to “grab” song ideas. What''s unique about n-Track is you can then transfer whatever you record easily to Mac or Windows computers, which can also run n-Track software. n-Track Studio Product Page

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