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New Gear, May 2013

April 15, 2013

1 Roland
Portable V-Drums
HIGHLIGHTS Small footprint and innovative folding design for fast breakdown and easy transport/storage • TD-4 sound module includes a wide range of expressive, editable sounds • eight integrated pads (kick, snare, three toms, hi-hat, two 10" cymbal pads for crash and ride) • FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller • 7.5-inch drum pads provide a sensitive, accurate response and natural playing feel • optional custom carrying case
TARGET audience Small venues, rehearsals, lesson studios, bedrooms, apartments
ANALYSIS The TD-4KP combines V-Drums performance and features, but with extreme mobility and stow-away convenience.


2 Auralex
Monitor isolator
HIGHLIGHTS Isolates the vibrations and resonant energy created by studio monitors from being transmitted into supporting furniture, which would otherwise color the monitors’ sound and degrade imaging • three-layer, highly damped construction with increased durability and structural integrity • works with monitors employing up to 8" woofers
TARGET MARKET Recording studios, post-production/edit suites, mobile recording facilities, hi-fi listening rooms, home theaters
ANALYSIS Isolating speakers from the platforms on which they sit has now been accepted as a valid way to improve low-frequency definition and high-frequency imaging.


3 Behringer
A/D/A converter
HIGHLIGHTS 8-channel A/D and D/A interface • 8 Midas-designed mic preamps • phantom power on all mic ins • Cirrus Logic 24-bit converters • supports 48/44.1kHz sample rates • external sample rate sync via word clock or ADAT input • optical ADAT I/O • all mic/line inputs routed to the ADAT out • ADAT in routed to all line outs • “global” switching power supply
TARGET MARKET Recording studios, analog/digital transfer, ADAT format conversion
ANALYSIS The ADA8000 was a popular converter for Behringer, but the ADA8200 adds several improvements.


4 Aphex
Microphone X
USB mic with DSP
$299 street
HIGHLIGHTS Includes analog Aphex optical compressor, Aphex Aural Exciter, and Big Bottom processors • cardioid capsule • up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution • headphone amplifier based on the Aphex HeadPod 4 • processors have individual on/off switches • separate Aural Exciter and Big Bottom Amount knobs • ASIO 2.0-compatible for minimum latency
TARGET MARKET Home recording, podcasting, narration and voiceover, mobile recording, utility mic for studio use
ANALYSIS USB mics are becoming more sophisticated, and Microphone X includes several Aphex processors that enhance the overall sound.


5 IK Multimedia
iLectric Piano
iPad instrument
HIGHLIGHTS 40 classic electric pianos, electric grands, and clavinets, multi-sampled from the original instruments at multiple velocities • ultra-low-latency engine • onscreen keyboard slides easily to change octaves • accepts external MIDI keyboard controllers • effects section (EQ, Reverb, Overdrive, and five modulation effects) • onboard MIDI recorder • can export WAV or m4a audio files (e.g., file sharing, email)
TARGET MARKET Mobile music-making, education
ANALYSIS iOS apps are making the transition from toys to tools that justify their existence onstage or in the studio.


6 Radial Engineering
StageBug SB-2
Compact direct box
HIGHLIGHTS Passive direct box for bass, acoustic guitar, and keyboards • less than 2" wide and 3.5" deep • 1/4" instrument input and thru-put to feed an onstage amp • custom-made Eclipse ET-DB3 transformer matches impedance and balances the signal • –15dB pad • 180° polarity reverse switch
TARGET MARKET Performing musicians who want to reduce the size/weight of needed gear when traveling from gig to gig
ANALYSIS Direct boxes are as useful live as in the studio; the StageBug SB-2 brings studio-level performance to a highly compact, stage-oriented device.


7 Stanton
SCS.4DJ V4.0
Firmware update
HIGHLIGHTS Preview songs directly from the song browser • user-adjustable gain control for each deck, stored with each track • active playlist sortable by artist, BPM, and time • increased Pitch Range options • BeatGrid Editing to edit a track’s beatgrid in real time, with both Tap Tempo and Dial-In-BPM functionality
TARGET MARKET DJs who want a more compact DJ setup
ANALYSIS The SCS.4DJ doesn’t need an external computer; plug in a storage device and mix using the built-in decks, mixer, and high-res color display. V4 software increases functionality.


8 Hybrid Two
Project ALPHA
Kontakt 5 sound library
HIGHLIGHTS Custom Kontakt 5 script allows for quick, easy customization of any of the library’s 200 patches • FX, EQ, Amp, and Filter ADSR allow for “synth-like” patches • run sounds through a step sequencer for custom ostinatos and rhythm • more than 2.3GB of content • WAV file format allows easy drag-and-drop into projects
TARGET MARKET Film, TV, and video game composers
ANALYSIS Kontakt has become the “go-to” sampler for sound design/ film scoring-oriented libraries. Like similarly sophisticated libraries, this one requires the full version of Kontakt.

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