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June 30, 2014

Red 1
500 Series mono preamp module
$999.99 street

HIGHLIGHTS Based on the original Red 1 mic preamp • Lundahl LL1538 input transformer • custom Carnhill output transformer • gain range from –6 to +60dB in 6dB steps • switches for +48V phantom power and polarity inversion • VU meter
TARGET MARKET Engineers with a 500 Series rack looking for the classic Focusrite sound
ANALYSIS Two decades after the launch of the original model, Focusrite has created a singlechannel Red 1 that is perfect for portable and personal studio setups.

Codec Toolbox

HIGHLIGHTS Audition the effect of data compression on your mix in real time and compare it to the uncompressed signal • includes several codecs from Fraunhofer and Apple for encoding your files • metadata editor • batch processor • Clip Safe • 15-day trial version
TARGET MARKET Recordists and engineers planning to encode mixes for online delivery
ANALYSIS This plug-in contains the basic features of the Fraunhofer Pro-Codec, but is priced squarely for the personal studio.

Cloud Microphones
4-channel preamp
$499 street

HIGHLIGHTS Provides 25dB of gain to four dynamic and passive ribbon microphones • accepts phantom power without passing it through to the mics • XLR inputs and outputs • perfect for use with low-cost, low-gain audio interfaces
TARGET MARKET Any musician and engineer who uses dynamic and ribbon mics
ANALYSIS The original Cloudlifter won an Editors’ Choice Award because it’s so useful onstage and in the studio. Now you can have four of these preamps in a single rackspace.

Spirit Professional
Closed-back headphones

HIGHLIGHTS 5Hz–22kHz frequency range • 40mm Mylar/titaniumalloy drivers • ear pads made with memory foam • cable has built-in microphone and track selector for use with mobile products • 13-foot coiled cable and 4.6-foot straight cable are provided
TARGET MARKET Producers, musicians, and engineers who want closed-back reference headphones without a hyped frequency spectrum
ANALYSIS After creating some of the best sounding near-field monitors, it is no surprise that Focal has designed a set of headphones for critical listening.

Portable high-resolution digital recorder

HIGHLIGHTS Records DSD (2.8MHz), Linear PCM (up to 192kHz), and MP3 formats • also plays AAC, FLAC, and WMA files • separate A/D converters for DSD and LPCM • records MP3 and LPCM files simultaneously • limiter and lowcut filter • 32GB built-in flash memory • supports SD card and memory stick
TARGET MARKET Musicians and engineers who want to easily capture high-res audio
ANALYSIS The PCM-D100 rounds out Sony’s High-Resolution Audio Initiative by adding audio capture to its editing and playback products.

Prism Sound
USB audio interface
Below $5,000

HIGHLIGHTS 8x8 24-bit, 192kHz audio interface • 8 channels of analog I/O; 4 mic preamps with –20dB pad; 4 line inputs; 2 front-panel instrument inputs • 2 headphone outputs with independent volume controls • 10 digital I/O channels are available via TOSLINK and S/PDIF I/O
TARGET MARKET Musicians and project-studio owners
ANALYSIS A high-end USB audio interface that also supports Pro Tools HDX, among other external I/O options, using the MDIO interface expansion slot.

SB-7 EarMuff
Headphone interface for musicians

HIGHLIGHTS Mutes one side of stereo headphones to eliminate bleed when recording with an ear cup removed • balanced 1/4" TRS input • stereo 1/4" and 3.5mm outputs • mono sum switch • level control • mute button • passive design; does not require power • 3-year transferrable warranty • solid construction • made in Canada
TARGET MARKET Singers and instrumentalists who need to leave one ear uncovered when recording
ANALYSIS Yet another why-didn’tanyone- think-of-that-before product from Radial Engineering.

Ribbon microphone

HIGHLIGHTS Bi-directional, figure-8 polar pattern • identical ribbon as the Coles 4040 and 4050 • frequency range from 50Hz to 20kHz • lighter than other Coles mics • made in England • includes adjustable clip
TARGET MARKET Personal studios and musicians buying their first ribbon microphone
analysis Although the company refers to it as an “entry-level ribbon mic,” the 4030L is not cheaply made. It feels well built and provides the Coles sound without breaking the bank.

TLM 107
Condenser microphone

HIGHLIGHTS Dual-diaphragm design offers 5 polar patterns: cardioid, wide cardioid, hypercardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-8 • lowcut at 40Hz and 100Hz • –6 and –12dB pad • parameters are selected using a single button • stand mount included • available in matte nickel or black
TARGET MARKET Instrumental and vocal recording
ANALYSIS The first of a new line of mics that has an updated capsule design and modern electronic switching for selecting pad, filter, and pattern settings.

Slate Digital
Virtual Mix Rack
Plug-in suite

HIGHLIGHTS Uses 500 Seriesrack paradigm as a way to host several effects within one plug-in instantiation • 8 modules can be loaded into one virtual rack • includes British-style EQs modeled after Neve and SSL, and two compressors • drag-and-drop interface • iLok required
TARGET MARKET Musicians, sound designers, and recording engineers
ANALYSIS Slate Digital intends this to be a new plug-in platform and has plans to launch additional modules for the format in the near future.

Dangerous Music
Dangerous Compressor
Two-channel dynamics processor

HIGHLIGHTS Limits peaks as it compresses the average level using Smart Dyn Dual Slope Detection circuit • true stereo operation • auto attack/release • sidechain input with Sibilance Boost, Bass Cut, and Sidechain Monitor switches • soft knee
TARGET MARKET Professional and personal studios in need of a mastering-grade compressor
ANALYSIS A high-quality compressor/limiter designed to give you good results, quickly, while tracking, mixing, or mastering.

V4 U
Condenser microphone

HIGHLIGHTS Cardioid pattern • designed for recording vocals • retro look based on the classic 1951 CM 51/3 mic • capsule tilts forward/backward approximately 45 degrees • includes wooden case and clamp • optional elastic shockmount • available in blue or gray
TARGET MARKET Musicians and engineers who specialize in vocal recording
ANALYSIS Despite its vintage look, the V4 U utilizes a modern capsule design with a transformerless output stage.

Line 6
Handheld wireless microphone

HIGHLIGHTS Earthworks WL40V hypercardioid capsule • works with Line 6 XD-V75 digital wireless system • 24- bit resolution • 30Hz–20kHz frequency response • includes hardshell case • operates for 8 hours on two AA batteries • LCD shows system parameters and battery level
TARGET MARKET Vocalists performing onstage
ANALYSIS Line 6 adds a new level of sound quality by marrying a studio-grade capsule to its popular wireless stage microphone.

Synth Kit
Modular analog synth

HIGHLIGHTS 12 modules, codeveloped by Korg, that magnetically snap together: two oscillators, keyboard, filter, envelope, delay, sequencer, mixer, split, random, speaker, and power • includes booklet with step-by-step instructions for 10 projects • requires no soldering, programming, or wiring
TARGET MARKET Kids interested in experimenting with sound and the adults who love them
ANALYSIS While this is a great way to introduce young people to synthesis, it will be just as fun for grown-ups who enjoy synth gadgetry.

Source Audio
Hot Hand USB
Wireless MIDI controller
$119 street

HIGHLIGHTS Lightweight ring with internal accelerometer allows you to use realtime gestural information to control instruments via MIDI • tracks movement in three dimensions • USB receiver plugs into your Mac/Win computer • software editor for assigning axes to instrument parameters • range and sensitivity settings
TARGET MARKET Instrumentalists and DJs looking to take advantage of MIDI’s expressive capabilities
ANALYSIS This wireless ring may soon become your favorite modulation source for adding excitement to a musical performance.

Universal Audio
API Vision Channel Strip
Channel-strip plug-in for the UAD platform

HIGHLIGHTS Models five API modules used in the Vision console (right down to the nonlinearities of the op-amps and transformers): 212L preamp, 550L 4-band EQ, 225L compressor/limiter, 235L Gate/ Expander, and the 215L “hi-pass” and “lo-pass” filter • preamp includes phase and pad switches • stereo linkable sidechain
TARGET MARKET Musicians, sound designers, and recording engineers
ANALYSIS The colorful sound of these API modules is a welcome addition to the UAD system, whether you’re tracking or mixing.

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