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Notion Music Notion SLE

February 2, 2010

Notion SLE is a special version of the company's Notion 3 scoring software that is customized for Vienna Symphonic Library''s orchestral collections the Vienna Special Edition and the Special Edition Plus. NOTION SLE features presets created for Vienna Instruments, Vienna Ensemble and Vienna Ensemble PRO that automatically handle all articulation changes in the background.

Notion SLE offers more than 100 presets for all instruments and ensembles included in both Vienna Special Edition collections. As the user writes and articulates his/her score, Notion SLE will follow the instructions and automatically change the Vienna Instruments patches in playback to accurately and realistically perform the score. Dynamics, hairpins, articulations and portamentos will faithfully be reproduced in playback. Notion SLE comes with a demo version of Vienna Suite, Vienna Symphonic Library''s high-end audio processing tools that include Convolution Reverb, featuring several concert halls and studios.

Notion SLE is available for download for $89. Find out more about Notion SLE.

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