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Now Available: Roland TD-12KX

May 7, 2010

The TD-12KX builds on the feature set of the TD-12SV kit, adding a larger kick, floor tom pad and a new stand with improved pad mounts and durability. The editing features of the TD-12 module have also been enhanced.

The TD-12KX features Roland''s patented multilayer mesh heads for the kick, snare and tom pads. To enhance playability, the TD-12KX includes a larger 12-inch KD-120 V-Kick™ Trigger Pad for the bass drum and a 10-inch PD-105 floor tom pad for the floor tom. The TD-12KX also comes equipped with a VH-11 V-Hi-Hat® and three 12-inch CY-12R/C V-Cymbals®.

The brain of this newest V-Drums kit—the TD-12 Percussion Sound Module—features the same COSM® sound engine as the TD-20, and provides direct outputs for professional flexibility. Editing sounds is easy on the TD-12 thanks to V-Edit, which allows drummers to adjust parameters, such as shell material, head type and cymbal size, with a simple icon-based graphic interface. With the TD-12KX kit, the V-Edit functions have been enhanced to include microphone placement, bass drum beater selection, adding a hi-hat tambourine and more. The TD-12 also offers many useful functions for drum practice, including onboard music patterns, a sequencer, a programmable click and a mix input jack for connecting MP3 or CD players.

Additionally, newly improved cymbal and tom mounts include ball clamps for flexible and easy set-up and positioning.

The TD-12KX V-Stage Series V-Drums is now available with an MSRP of $5,399.

Find out more about the TD-12KX.

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