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Now Shipping: Denon DJ DN-HC5000 Serato ITCH Controller

December 22, 2009
Denon DJ DN-HC5000 Serato ITCH Controller

The DN-HC5000 is a rackmount digital DJ system developed specifically to work with Serato ITCH, a software/hardware solution that lets users DJ music from their computer. Using this ITCH hardware unit, the DN-HC5000 allows DJs to create a high-performance portable music system that allows internal mixing and platter-style playback control.

Using Serato''s HIDI technology for superior speed, accuracy and communication between software and hardware components, the DN-HC5000 acts as a USB 2 MIDI controller, with internal 24-bit processing and USB audio, compatible for use with both PC and Mac. The included Serato ITCH software is easy to install and connects to the hardware controller using a single USB cable. Additionally, the DN-HC5000 hardware unit offers analog audio outputs for each deck so it can easily connect and configure to any mixer. The unit's features are accessed using two multifunctional touch-sensitive jog discs, vibrant FL tube and text displays, and tactile rubber controls.

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