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Now Shipping: TC Electronic System 6000 MKII

May 4, 2010
LM5D Loudness Radar Meter

LM5D Loudness Radar Meter

The System 6000 MKII can now be controlled and updated over a network or via Wi-Fi, making for more convenient and flexible installations and updates. Presets from System 6000 will load on the System 6000 MKII. Included is a new Matrix mixer for summing flexibility.

The Icon MKII features faster operation of touchscreen and faders; controls a variety of TC processors; more connectivity; and a new silver finish.

The System 6000 MKII is now available through regular TC channels, maintaining significant backward-compatibility with existing System 6000 units. The System 6000 MKII launch will also see the release of new and improved Version 5 software, which will run on older System 6000 models and the newer System 6000 MKII units. Note that this is the last major software upgrade that will work on the older units.

Owners of the original System 6000 will have the opportunity to upgrade their System 6000 frame to full MKII specifications. The upgrade package contains the following elements: internal hardware upgrade, brushed-aluminium front, LM5D Loudness Radar Meter included (pictured), one more license of the user's choice and a one-year warranty.  

System 6000 MKII upgrades will began May 17, 2010.

Find out more about the System 6000 MKII frame.

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