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Numark Announces Serato DJ Compatibility with Numark DJ Controllers

April 30, 2013
Following the unveiling of all-new DJ innovations at Musikmesse 2013 in Germany—including the new Mixtrack Quad and Mixtrack Edge controllers—Numark has announced that Serato DJ is now compatible with the following Numark DJ controllers:
• NS7
• Mixdeck
• Mixdeck Express

Serato DJ is already compatible with Mixtrack Pro and Mixtrack Pro II, and compatibility with
the top-selling NS6 four-channel DJ controller was announced in February—a free upgrade
for NS6 owners.

“We’re committed to giving DJs the best tools possible,” said Chris Roman, Numark Product
Manager. “That’s why we’ve worked so quickly and so closely with Serato to bring Serato DJ
to more and more Numark controllers. The Numark-Serato combination is what DJs are
asking for.”

Serato DJ includes a wide range of all-new features and capabilities, and the latest
version—Serato DJ 1.2.0—also brings the addition of Multi FX Mode for all. Multi FX
Mode is a powerful and easy-to-use effects mode that unlocks the next evolution of
creative control.

Owners of the following controllers can upgrade to Serato DJ for free at
• NS7
• NS6

The following Numark controllers are eligible for a free 14-day fully functional trial version
of Serato DJ and, for a limited time, can be upgraded completely to Serato DJ for $129 at
• Mixdeck
• Mixdeck Express
• Mixtrack Pro
• Mixtrack Pro II
Compatibility with the Numark N4 and Mixdeck Quad controllers is expected to be available
this summer. To receive updates, go to

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