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Peavey Introduces ReValver Mk III

July 9, 2008
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Peavey Electronics has introduced ReValver Mk III (Mac/Win; $299.99)—64-bit virtual tube-amplifier software designed to capture the characteristics of vacuum tubes. This software models 15 well-known guitar amplifiers through an algorithm that analyzes the interactions of the components on the circuit level, based on the amps'' original schematics.

ReValver Mk III features a simple user interface with drag-and-drop capability for adding or subtracting individual components and devices, such as amplifiers, preamps, power amps, stompboxes, and effects.

It also offers the ability to program more than 15 features on each tube stage, with up to 17 preamp and power tube types to choose from; a stompbox and effects section with various types of chorus, distortion, wah, tremolo, compression, limiter, delay, and octaver; an FFT-based convolution reverb, including sampled spring reverb; over 150 speaker samples using real-time convolution and membrane modeling; and the Standard Tuner and Simul-Tuner with 6 independent tuners for tuning to presets.

To learn more about ReValver Mk III software, visit

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