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Playtime: Lego Synthesizers

March 1, 2016

Most of us have had a spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, family member, etc. who has referred to our music gear as “toys.” And if you’re doing it right, you then delivered a holier-than-thou rant about how they are not toys but instruments for artistic expression and master craftsmen tools to be taken seriously, after which that person slowly backed away wide eyed and shut the door behind them.

Well, people who don’t get it will never get it, but we do play with and have fun with our gear. And quite obviously for some people, this stuff inspired enough childlike wonder within them to create toys out of these “toys.”

We recently saw on Musical Brick a selection of lovingly assembled Lego versions of classic synthesizers that must be shared with the world! All due respect to the creators, Andy Grobengieser, Iain Heath and whoever does the Musical Brick site (couldn’t find a name anywhere).

Grobengieser has submitted his Lego keyboards to the Lego Ideas site, so go here if you want to vote for them.


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