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December 1, 2010

Expand your options with ReWire

OBJECTIVE: Integrate more instrument sounds, or specialized looping applications like Ableton Live, via ReWire.
BACKGROUND: The ReWire protocol allows running at least two applications simultaneously on the same computer, with one program’s audio outputs feeding the other program’s mixer. Transports are synced as well, including any looping. For this example, we’ll ReWire Propellerhead’s Reason 5.

1_nr01 Click on the Browse tab. In the Browser, click on the Category tab. Unfold the ReWire folder to see the list of available ReWire devices.












2_nr02 Drag a ReWire device into the Song, as you would any virtual instrument.







3_nr03 A window appears that lets you open the application. Open it.








4_nr04 Reason’s main output appears as a channel in Studio One Pro’s mixer.












5_nr05 To bring individual outputs from Reason instruments into Studio One Pro, first patch them to the desired Reason interface outputs.











6_nr06 Then, click on the Expand button to the left of the Reason label in the Mixer’s Instruments section. Checking an output automatically creates a mixer channel for it in Studio One Pro.













• Step 1: You don’t have to click on the Category tab; ReWire devices will also appear in the Flat view.
• You can create MIDI tracks to drive the instruments either in Reason or Studio One Pro (if the MIDI input is routed to the correct program).

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