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Propellerhead Software Record Drum Takes

October 14, 2010

In Record Drum Takes, each Drum Take ReFill arrives in Record song format with two separate 3-minute backing tracks of live drumming, organized in classic song form with intro, verse, chorus, bridge and breakdown, fills and variations. Alt Rock comes with hard-hitting American drums with lots of attitude inspired by alternative and college rock; Folk Rock brings a large, warm sound with plenty of room; and Dry Indie provides two classic, laidback, dry and distinct indie pop drum tracks.

The differently styled tracks in the Record Drum Takes ReFills all come as multitrack recordings, allowing users to freely shape the drum sound by adjusting the levels of the independent kick, snare, hi-hat, room, ambient and other microphones. Cut across all eight drum tracks to arrange and rearrange once the drum sound has been mixed to perfection. Play along to the RDT drum arrangements or paste them into an existing song. The entire drum mix will follow right along, and using Record's automatic time-stretch, Drum Takes instantly adapts to the song''s tempo.

Included with the ReFill are multisampled versions of the kits.

The three Record Drum Takes ReFills are available exclusively for download through Propellerhead''s site for USD $29 each.

Find out more about the Record Drum Takes.

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