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RØDE NT1-A Studio Condenser Microphone

October 28, 2005

According to RØDE, this is “the world’s quietest studio condenser microphone” at only 5.5dBA. If only my studio was as quiet. Even so, this cardioid mic has changed my recording life. After using a 58 and a 59 (yes, a 59) for far too long, I started borrowing high-end mics from my more well-established friends a couple of years back in anticipation of a high-ticket purchase. I was expecting to have to shell out well over $1,000 to get a microphone that sounded this good. Thankfully, the NT1-A lists for less than $350 (frequently seen for less than $200), and delivers much more value. On close-up vocals, it responds like an old U-67. It does need a little low-end roll off, especially when the train goes by, but the high-end responds beautifully. With a nice tube preamp like the Aphex 207D, this mic brings tears of joy to my eyes, especially when graced with a talented voice (not mine). With the NT-1A on the front end, there’s no way to blame the mic. That’s for sure.

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