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January 22, 2008

Using the RiffWorks desktop recording application, up to four musicians can connect and collaborate on a song simultaneously. As a layer records, it instantly streams to other players' running RiffWorks. As the Riff loops, other players can add more. All contributions are saved on and can be opened later for further collaboration. Musicians worldwide are creating songs together online no matter how far apart they live or what time zone they are in!

On, musicians list their gear, songs, collaborations, and comments. Similar interests are linked automatically using modern social networking technology, making it easy to find people with the same musical tastes. Musicians chat about song posts and collaborations on and directly inside RiffWorks while they play. Awards go to songs with the most plays, editorial picks, and song contests wins. connects musicians who have similar interests and inspires them make more music together.

Dan Walton, VP of Technology, Sonoma Wire Works says, “Not only does showcase and connect musicians, it enables them to easily record songs together over the Internet. Bass players, guitarists, vocalists and more can make and record quality music together regardless of their locations and schedules. revolutionizes the way people create and enjoy music together."

Listen to collaborations: requires RiffWorks v2.1.1 (Standard or Line 6 Edition).

RiffWorks Standard: $129

RiffWorks Line 6 Edition: $99

60-day Free RiffWorld Creator Membership included with RiffWorks (Standard & Line 6 Edition). After 60-days, most collaboration features continue to be free. Additional features $10/month or $60/year.

RiffWorks Standard is distributed to dealers worldwide by IK Multimedia.

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