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January 14, 2010

Roland's OCTAPAD™ SPD-30 digital percussion pad features eight trigger pads, built-in sounds, multi-effects and external trigger inputs. Using the latest trigger technology from Roland''s V-Drums, the pads on the OCTAPAD SPD-30 feature a natural and responsive playing feel. The eight separate trigger surfaces provide dynamic response, trigger consistency over a pad''s entire surface and the elimination of crosstalk.

The OCTAPAD SPD-30 includes 50 kits and hundreds of cutting-edge drum and percussion sounds. Powerful onboard effects include 30 types of multi-effects that can be used on individual kits, and ambience with an equalizer and limiter that can be applied to the overall OCTAPAD SPD-30 sound.

The Phrase Loop recording feature allows the player to loop record sounds in real time and then overdub additional parts or sounds. Usera can record three parts per phrase.

Other features include a large backlit LCD and intuitive interface, navigating menus and editing parameters. The pads also feature illuminated LEDs, helpful for performing in low-light settings.

The external trigger/control inputs allow players to connect additional pads, and a hi-hat controller to create a powerful yet portable mini-electronic kit. The OCTAPAD SPD-30 is also compatible with Roland RT-Series acoustic drum triggers.

In addition, the OCTAPAD SPD-30 has USB connectivity for both data backup and MIDI. Standard MIDI connections are also included, allowing connection to external sound modules, samplers and other MIDI devices.

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