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Roland V-Studio 700, 100 System Software

November 16, 2010

This revision adds support for Roland''s newly developed VS Streaming driver technology, and also the ability to use the Octa-Capture USB 2 audio interface to expand the units'' I/O capabilities.

VS Streaming provides ultralow-latency performance and stability. With VS Streaming, V-Studio 700 and 100 (pictured) users can enjoy rock-solid operation at latencies as low as 1 millisecond at 44.1kHz and 48kHz. The cross-platform VS Streaming driver is available for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems, as well as Mac OS X.

With the new system software, V-Studio 700 and 100 users can now use the new Octa-Capture USB 2 audio interface to add an additional 10 inputs and eight outputs to computer recording setups. When a V-Studio and an Octa-Capture are both connected to a computer via USB, the new VS Streaming driver treats them both as one integrated device, making it seamless for users to access their newly expanded I/O within their DAW software.

Octa-Capture features 10 inputs and 10 outputs, including eight microphone preamps. These VS Preamps the same high-end mic preamps found in Roland''s V-Mixer Series of commercial digital mixing consoles, as well as the V-Studio 700.

V-Studio700 users should upgrade to System Version 1.3 or higher, while V-Studio 100 users should upgrade to System V. 1.5 or higher. In addition, users should install the latest V-Studio driver for their computer operating system.

The system updates and VS Streaming drivers are free downloads for all V-Studio 700 and 100 owners.

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