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RTZ Audio Introduces 9762 Dual-Combo Microphone Preamp

May 18, 2004

RTZ Audio has introduced the 9762 Dual-Combo, aNeve-inspired 2-channel microphone preamplifier that uses ahigh-quality input transformer manufactured by Lars Lundahl of Sweden.The 9762 offers up to 75 dB of gain, selectable in 5 dB incrementsusing a 12-position rotary switch. The line output amplifier providesan additional 10 dB of gain that is continuously variable from–90 to 0 dB using the output level control. The line amplifier iscapable of delivering +27 dBu output levels, and all XLR input andoutput connections are transformer balanced and isolated. Unbalancedline output connectors and DI instrument connectors are alsoprovided.

Standard features include +48V phantom power, a polarity (phase)reverse switch, a DI source selector, an input impedance selector, anoutput termination selector, and LED input/output metering. Signal andoverload LEDs monitor the input gain stages while a 5-LED VU metermonitors the line amplifier output stage.

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