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Samson Technologies Introduces Resolv 2.1

March 2, 2004

Samson Technologies has introduced the Resolv 2.1 system, which combines a pair of the Resolv 50a compact monitors with the Resolv Sub88 subwoofer. The Resolv 50a offers 75W of bi-amped power driving a 5.25-inch midrange speaker and a 1-inch ferro-fluid titanium tweeter. The Resolv Sub88 is an 80W powered subwoofer with an 8-inch speaker.

The Resolv 2.1 system comes with a remote that controls system volume, sub volume, and sub mute, giving you the option to monitor with the subwoofer on or off. According to the manufacturer, when the sub is muted, the system automatically adjusts to provide full-range monitoring from the two satellites speakers.

Samson Technologies has also introduced the MDR624 and MDR1064 mixers. The MDR624 has six channels, two of which have mic/line capabilities and two of which are stereo. Other features include a 2-track-to-mix level control, which allows you to mix an auxiliary source with the channel faders; three band channel EQ; an aux send; monitor or headphone mix; and a 5-segment LED meter with VU markings on the main mix output. The MDR1046 shares the same features but offers ten channels, six of which have mic/line inputs, all with channel inserts. More information is available at (

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