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Sony Acid 6:Create and Automate MIDI Controller Data

November 1, 2008


1. Select a MIDI track, then choose “Automation Write (Touch)” from the Automation Settings drop-down menu.



2. You’ll see four control sliders toward the bottom of the MIDI track. If you don’t see the controller you want to use, click on a controller’s label, and select the desired controller from the pop-up menu. In this example, Modulation is replacing Aftertouch.



3. Click on the Play button, then click and drag the appropriate controller slider to create an automation envelope in real time.



4. To thin the amount of controller data, click on the Envelope button to the right of the controller’s slider, then select “Thin Envelope Data” from the drop-down menu.



5. To add a point manually but still use the slider to set the value, choose the Pencil tool and click at the time where you want to add the point. Then, move the slider to change the newly-added point’s value.



6. To add a point manually that can be moved in any direction, place the cursor over the automation curve until it turns into a pointing hand, then double-click to create a point. Click and drag on the point to move it.



7. Another way to add a point: Right-click on the automation curve, and select “Add Point.” Click and drag on the point to move it.




In Step 1, to overwrite existing automation data, choose Latch instead of Touch. This creates envelope points when you change a control; if you stop moving the control, its current setting overwrites existing envelope points until you stop playback.
In Step 3, it is not necessary to enter record mode to record automation data.
In Step 7, note that the same pop-up menu that lets you add a point also lets you change the shape of the curve between points.
For automatic smoothing/thinning of automation data, go Options > Preferences > External Control & Automation tab and check “Smooth and thin automation data after recording or drawing.”

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