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Sony Acid Pro 6

February 10, 2007




Objective: Process tracks in Acid Pro 6 with external analog effects.

Background: There’s more to life than plug-ins, like groovacious guitar stomp boxes, Things With Tubes, and classic hardware reverbs. If you have an audio interface with some spare analog ins and outs, it’s easy to patch these effects into Acid Pro. We’ll assume track 1 (the source track) has a drum loop and you want some of its signal to go to an external effect, then bring the effect output back into Acid.


1. Insert a bus in Acid; we’ll call it Bus A.

2. Assign the bus output to an interface audio output that patches to the effect’s input. In this case, the bus is assigned to outputs 3/4 of TC Electronic’s Konnekt 24D.

3. Turn up the Bus A level control in Track 1 to send some signal to the bus.

4. Go Insert > Audio Track; we’ll call this Track 2.

5. Arm Track 2 for recording.

6. Click on the monitor indicator to the immediate left of the Arm Record button, and select Input Monitor > On.

7. Patch the external effect’s output to an interface audio input, then click again on the monitor indicator to the immediate left of the Arm Record button. Select the input to which the external effect’s output connects.

8. Turn up Track 2’s volume for the desired amount of processed signal.



--If you want only processed sound, right-click on the name of the bus sending out signal to the effect (e.g., Bus A), and select Pre-Volume. Then, you can turn down the volume on the source track so it doesn’t contribute anything to the overall mix.

--If there’s latency through your interface, you may need to record the signal coming into Track 2 so you can slip it forward in time a bit to compensate.

--In step 6, choose stereo or mono monitoring, as appropriate.

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