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Sony Acid Pro 7: Create drum maps to simplify MIDI recording

July 1, 2009


1. Go Tools > Drum Map Editor.


2. When the editor opens, click on New.


3. Enter the drum name and device name for the map you’re going to create.


4. Find out the note numbers or notes that correspond to specific drum sounds, e.g., from the drum instrument’s help file. Then, click on the Insert Key button to start the process of assigning drum names to notes.


5. Insert as many keys as needed, then enter the drum names for particular notes based on the info from Step 4. Delete any notes you’re not using by highlighting the drum sound and clicking on the X (“Delete Key”) button, which is circled in yellow for clarity. When you’re done, click on OK.


6. To use a drum map with a MIDI track, click on the track’s program button, then go Drum Maps > Select Drum Map. When the Track Properties window appears, click the check box for the desired drum map.


7. When you enable in-line MIDI editing for the MIDI track, the drum names show up in the track.



-In Steps 4 and 5, check “Show as key number” to see drum sounds as MIDI note numbers instead of MIDI note names.
-In Step 7, to enable in-line editing click on the track to select it, then type “G.” Type “G” again to disable.
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