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Starr Labs Announces Ztar Z7S MIDI Guitar

June 4, 2007

The Ztar Z7S ($1,495) is a new, lower-priced MIDI guitar from Starr Labs. Its 6-string, 24-fret touch-sensitive fingerboard allows you to simultaneously play multiple notes per string.

The fingerboard has 32 separate zones, each with its own channel, voice, transposition, tuning, hammer-ons and sensitivity settings. In addition, the Z7S is fully programmable—you can program tunings for every key on the fingerboard, assign the arpeggiator to separate fingerboard zones, and map to drums or percussion.

Other features include Starr Labs' Adaptive Static Mapping triggering system with six string triggers, a position-sensing ribbon controller, programmable volume pot, sustain pedal port, a programming display, and more.

The Z7S sports most of the hardware features and all of the software features that complement other Ztar controllers, but at a more affordable price. For more information, visit

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