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Steinberg Cubase 4: Assemble A Cool Guitar Rack In Cubase 4

October 1, 2008


1. Click the Edit button (e) for an audio track to open up the VST Audio Channel Settings window.

2. Click within the first insert field, and navigate to Other > Tuner. This places a chromatic tuner as the first “effect” in the chain.

3. Similarly, insert the VintageCompressor plug-in into the second insert. Click on the insert’s Edit button to see the compressor’s GUI and change the parameter values; try the settings in the screen shot (Input=17, Output=0, Attack=8.9, Punch and Auto=On).


4. Similarly, insert the SoftClipper into the third insert and click on its edit button. See the suggested settings.


5. Insert the AmpSimulator into the fifth insert (leave the fourth insert empty) and click on its edit button. See the suggested settings.


6. Insert the MonoToStereo effect in the sixth insert (try Width=90, Delay=10.0, Color=10, Mono off), the StereoDelay (see the suggested settings) into the seventh insert, and the StereoEnhancer (try Width=168, everything else off) into the eighth insert.


7. Enable the EQ, and set it for a slight midrange boost so the guitar “speaks” a little more. Your rack is ready to go!


Remember that all these settings are for a specific guitar, pickup type, and playing style—tweak the various parameters for a sound that’s right for you.
Insert 4 is left open for adding other effects, such as Modulation, Octaver, StepFilter, WahWah, etc.
To add an overall effect like reverb, replace the StereoEnhancer in insert 8. You can also use send buses to add even more effects.
To save the setup as a track preset, right-click in the corresponding audio track,select “Create Track Preset,” then when the Save Track Preset dialog box appears, name it and save it. Now you can call up your rack for any audio track.

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