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Steinberg Cubase SX

August 7, 2006

1. Open a loop in the Sample Editor by double-clicking on it, then select the Audio Tempo Definition Tool.

2. Enter the Time Signature and number of Bars/Beats in the toolbar. Cubase calculates the loop’s tempo automatically.

3. Go Audio > Hitpoints > Calculate Hitpoints.

4. Move the Hitpoint Sensitivity slider so that each transient has a hitpoint (indicated by a line with a triangular handle at the top), or at least comes as close to that ideal as possible — we can edit these later.

5. You’ll probably need to edit the hitpoints with complex loops, so click on Hitpoint edit. The cursor turns into a speaker; click within a hitpoint “slice” (it turns blue temporarily) to hear whether it’s a single, discrete sound. If not, it’s time to edit hitpoints.

6. To delete a slice, hold the Alt/Option key, position the cursor over a slice’s triangular “handle” so that an X appears (as shown), and click. To add a slice, hold the Alt/Option key, position the pencil cursor just before an attack transient, and click. To move a slice, click on the handle and drag it.

7. Audition all the slices and if each is a single, discrete sound, go Audio > Create Audio Slices from Hitpoints. This closes the sample editor, and converts each slice into a separate audio clip.

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