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January 1, 2000



We've watched as Korg's keyboards have set the pace in the music industry for many years, but the new Triton proX is easily the best Korg model that's ever graced our studio. This integrated workstation combines sampling, sequencing, synthesis, and effects processing under an intuitive user interface that is as easy to navigate as any we've seen.

The Triton proX improves on its predecessors in many ways. In addition to offering double the polyphony of the Trinity, it has an improved sequencer, two arpeggiators, several new user-installable options, and a more efficient touchscreen. Tweakers will love the four real-time control knobs (totally programmable, of course), and you'll be able to get down to some serious sampling immediately because a full 16 MB of sampling RAM is included in the stock unit.

The range of sounds provided by the Triton proX is awesome. Start with your general-purpose horns, strings, pads, pianos, and guitars, then throw in banks full of evocative, otherworldly textures, sure to keep any film or ambient music composer busy for a long time. If you're doing multimedia work, you'll also appreciate the banks of more than 200 sounds that conform to the new General MIDI Level 2 standard. With more than 800 samples on board, you'll have enough raw material to tweak your way through the next, say, ten years of projects.

Good looking, loaded with features, and, above all, great sounding, the Triton proX offers a winning combination that you need to check out.

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