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February 1, 2001

Steinberg/Waldorf PPG Wave 2.V (Mac/Win)Analog synth collectors, eat your hearts out! This past year brought more virtual versions of legacy sound hardware than ever before. Although we considered Native Instruments' excellent B4 - easily the best Hammond organ emulation software we've heard - Steinberg/Waldorf's PPG Wave 2.V VST Instrument came out on top.

PPG Wave 2.V offers nearly all of the original PPG Wave 2.3 synthesizer's features at a price any musician can afford. Unlike many "legacy" hardware synths, the PPG was a hybrid that combined analog and digital circuitry. The unit utilized sets of fairly basic waveforms that were organized into tables, which it scanned over time to produce evolving, evocative timbres.

Like the hardware synth, each of PPG Wave 2.V's 32 wavetables contains 64 waveforms. You can modify most characteristics of a sound as it plays. Onscreen knobs are available to tweak the parameter values, but you can map MIDI controller messages to parameters for vastly more powerful real-time manipulations. Modulation routings are numerous, and the addition of graphic envelopes in the virtual version makes it a tweaker's dream.

Forget about scanning the auctions and advertisements for that rare and expensive piece of PPG hardware. Pick up a copy of PPG Wave 2.V and click your way to a world of fluttering, shimmering, and sweeping sounds.

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