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TC Electronic Offers Free PowerCore Plug-ins for Konnekt Owners

March 25, 2009

TC Electronic is giving away two free PowerCore plug-ins (Mac/Win) to anyone who owns both a PowerCore and one of the company''s Konnekt audio interfaces. If you have either a Desktop Konnekt 6, Studio Konnekt 48, Digital Konnekt x32, Konnekt Live, Konnekt 24D, or Konnekt 8 and a PowerCore, you can receive both plug-ins, the Fabrik R reverb and the Fabrik C compressor, at no charge.

Fabrik R combines four TC algorithms into one plug-in and utilizes Meta Intuitive Navigation Technology (MINT) to make it easier to adjust the onboard Live, Club, Plate, and Hall reverbs.

Fabrik C has all the qualities of a channel strip and includes an EQ, a de-esser, and a 3-band/full band compressor. Like Fabrik R, Fabrik C also features MINT technology, which allows you to control all the parameters with just a few dedicated knobs. According to the manufacturer, Fabrik C is ideal to use as an insert on your channels.

To get the free PowerCore plug-ins, click here.

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