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TC Electronic TC TouchMonitor TM7, TM9

November 3, 2010
TC TouchMonitor TM7

TC TouchMonitor TM7

TC TouchMonitor TM7 and TM9 loudness meter solutions feature a touchscreen, a consistent loudness readout and compatibility with e.g. American, European and Japanese broadcasting standards.

The TC TouchMonitor TM7 are TM9 are a full-featured stereo and multichannel loudness and true-peak level meters. To comply with a given international broadcasting standard, the numbers representing loudness are paramount, and these all-important digits are displayed instantly on the large color touchscreen. The new loudness meter comes in six basic configurations based on connectivity, features and physical size. Users will be able to choose between 7-inch or 9-inch touchscreen, stereo or multichannel, and whether they want the Radar Meter to be included with the multichannel version or not. Further, it is possible to choose between a number of I/O options. As standard, TC TouchMonitor TM9 comes with 16 digital balanced I/O, and TC TouchMonitor TM7 features eight analog and eight digital I/O. However, an additional number of I/O configurations on either balanced or unbalanced connectors (Sub-D or BNC) are available. An SDI 3G I/O card will be available for TM9 in 2011.

TC TouchMonitor TM7 and TM9 can also be expanded/upgraded by installing optional software instruments (meter types) such as real-time analyzer or upgrade from Stereo mode to Multichannel mode.

The TM7 and TM9 will be available in December 2010; pricing starts from $4,264 USD MSRP.

Find out more about the TM7 and TM9.

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