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TC Electronic Unveils New Guitar Pedals

April 15, 2008

TC Electronic's Nova Modulator and Nova Dynamics, two new guitar pedals in the Nova Series, are now available. Nova Modulator houses two new effects and all of the company's modulation effects, and its dual-engine design allows for endless combinations to inspire creativity. Nova Dynamics features studio and stomp compression modes, as well as a noise gate combined with very flexible routing. Nova Modulator and Nova Dynamics are available at a suggested retail price of $345 each.

Nova Modulator offers seven studio-quality modulation effects; chorus, the new tri-chorus, flanger, the new through-zero-flanger, phaser, tremolo, and an upgraded vibrato. The chorus, flanger, phaser, and tremolo effects are taken straight from TC''s G-System. The new tri-chorus effect uses three stereo choruses with various offsets for depth, speed, phaser and chorus delay time. The new through-zero-flanger reproduces the classic tape flanging sounds of the '60s and '70s, and the upgraded vibrato features a new ramp that allows the user to fade in the effect.

The two identical effect engines allow the user to combine two different modulation effects or to combine two identical algorithms. The LFO synchronization ensures that the two engines are synchronized in time, and the new LFO trigger makes the effect start right on the beat when activating the pedal. For preset control, there is one manual setting that always outputs the current position of the knobs and buttons, as well as nine storable presets. Other Nova Modulation features include tap tempo, auto-input gain adjustment and stereo in/out.

Nova Dynamics features a combination of a stomp compressor, providing classic pedal compression, and a studio compressor allowing transparent dynamics control. Users can add the noise gate and can insert these effects any place in the signal chain.

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