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December 1, 2000

VoicePrism ($1,299), by TC-Helicon, features state-of-the-art voice-processing algorithms and an intelligent, formant-corrected harmonizer developed by IVL Technologies. The unit also comes with a variety of TC Electronics effects that can be applied to the voice before and after harmonization.

When a signal enters VoicePrism, it is first routed to an effects processor so you can add parametric EQ and compression. Then it is split into two signals - lead and harmony - allowing you to process each independently using reverb, delay, chorus, or flanging. You can create up to four harmonies, and real-time control through MIDI input is available. Five modifying parameters - Gender, Vibrato, Timing, Randomizing, and Scooping - are adjustable for each of the harmonizer voices. VoicePrism comes with 128 presets optimized for either lead or backing vocals.

The front panel features a microphone input with mic preamp and 48V phantom power. A host of programmable editing buttons and rotary controls are easily accessible from the front panel. A headphone jack with level control is also included.

Back panel connections include a 11/44-inch balanced TRS line input jack, a 11/44-inch TRS aux input jack, a pair of 11/44-inch TRS line outs, a S/PDIF digital output on an RCA coaxial jack, MIDI In, Out, and Thru, and a jack for a momentary footswitch. Optional XLR and AES/EBU I/O cards are available. TC-Helicon; tel. (805) 373-1828; fax (805) 379-2648; Web

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