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The New 65,000 sq.ft. Katara Studios in Doha, Qatar

January 14, 2016

In the Middle Eastern Art Development Center in Qatar's capitol city of Doha, a 65,000 sq. ft. compound called Katara Studios now stands completed. The project originated in 2012 and took advantage of an extensive technology package that the major London, England recording studio Metropolis designed.

The recording and post-production complex has more than 40 rooms. It's centerpiece, the 3000+ sq. ft. Studio 1 Live (orchestral) Room, features a 30-foot high ceiling, balcony and the means to host more than 80 musicians.

Further highlights to the facilities include a sophisticated 583 sq. ft.Mastering Suite, a 692 sq. ft.Dolby Atmos, Post-Production suite (with VO Booth) for feature film mixing, two Composer Rooms, three Audio Prep Rooms, a 518 sq. ft Video Grading Suite and a 228 sq. ft. Video Edit Suite.

These slide show pics paint a vivid picture of the studio. Of course, no voyeuristic episode is complete without a "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous"-style price tag attached. However, the press release didn't mention the cost involved to build Katara Studios. Well, in Qatar money flows underground.

I guess the money ain't a thang.


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