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Web Clips for January 2008

December 19, 2007

p22 | Download of the Month: Daevl.Plugs

Web Clip 1: A simple breakbeat bass line is subjected to four Daevl.plugs plug-ins: Daevl.noise, Daevl.cerberus, Daevl.cubedriver, and Daevl.triptych.

p62 | Production Values: Games People Play

Web Clip 1:Tommy Tallarico: The GANG''s All Here

p74 | Sound Design Workshop: Steal the Thunder

Web Clip 1: This is an audio export of an abbreviated version of the Reason 4 song in Web Clip 2 illustrating the use of Thor as a filter effect.

Web Clip 2: This Reason 4 song file (zipped) contains the Combinator containing the Thor filter effect as well as a Reason song using the Combinator.

p84 | Apple Logic Studio

Web Clip 1: This clip was constructed from four funk-bass Apple Loops using Quick Swipe Comping to create four different composite bass parts.

Web Clip 2: This clip illustrates Ultrabeat's pattern sequencer's new Step Automation edit mode. The pitch-bend envelope decay is affected by step automation.

p90 | Yamaha Motif XS

Web Clip 1: This is an excerpt from a medley of popular ''60s folk songs, which I sequenced using the Motif XS and Steinberg Cubase, linking the two using Yamaha''s Studio Manager software. The Motif is playing two similar but not identical guitar sounds panned left and right, as well as the bass and the drums.

Web Clip 2: I exported this backing track into Cubase directly from a Motif XS Performance Arpeggio setup. The Performance supplied the fuzz bass, drumbeat, and nylon-string guitar. I added the fourth chords playing a Motif preset sound (a Yamaha CP-70 Electric Grand).

p96 | MakeMusic Finale 2008

Web Clip 1: This example of Garritan Personal Orchestra playback features an excerpt from Mussorgsky''s Pictures at an Exhibition

Web Clip 2: This example of Garritan Personal Orchestra playback features an excerpt from Rimsky-Korsakov''s Capriccio Espagnol.

Web Clip 3: This example of Garritan Personal Orchestra playback features an excerpt from Dvorak''s Symphony No. 9.

Web Clip 4: This example of Garritan Personal Orchestra playback features an excerpt from Bach''s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3.

Web Clip 5: An audio clip is used to add singer Debbie Duncan to this score playback.

Web Clip 6a: Debussy''s Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun is played without Human Playback.

Web Clip 6b: This audio clip shows the difference when Human Playback is used on Web Clip 6a.

p108 | Line 6 Pocket POD

Web Clip 1: Hear an audio example of the Pocket POD in action.

p112 | Image Line Morphine 1.3

Web Clip 1: In Image Line Morphine, a hand-drawn, bipolar envelope moves harmonics in and out of tune in this short clip.

Web Clip 2: In the same patch, I have added a looping percussion groove for the Image Line "Noise SMPL" component. Typically this feature is used to provide a sampled attack transient, but there's no hard and fast rule for that.

p116 | KeyToSound Nexsyn 1.1r11

Web Clip 1: At first, the KeyToSound Nexsyn plug-in worked with AU and VST hosts. But with the version 1.1 r11 update, the plug-in crashed every application I used, both AU and VSTi alike. This audio clip was captured using Audio Hijack. The instrument produced nothing but distorted tones, first with a default patch, then with a variety of waveforms and EG and filter settings. After the third pause, I selected different patches, including vibes, piano, and strings.

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