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Web Clips for July 2008

June 5, 2008

p20 | Option-Click

Web Clips: Click to access David Battino's landing page for Option-Click "QuickTime Layering" web clips.

p30 | Pro/File: Guitars on the March

Web Clip 1: Here''s an excerpt from Sindel''s guitar-orchestrated rendition of Sousa''s song “The Liberty Bell.” You might recognize this composition as the Monty Python theme song.

Web Clip 2: In this excerpt, Sindel applies his guitar orchestrations to Sousa''s “Semper Fi.”

p34 | Tech Page: Lord of the Ringing

Web Clip 1: This audio clip includes simulations of various reported manifestations of tinnitus, which is often called "ringing in the ears," though, as you will hear, it's sometimes not a ringing sound at all. (Courtesy Neuromonics, Inc.)

p48 | Windows on the World

Web Clip 1: Check out a video on setting up a dual-boot or virtualized OS X and Windows system.

p72 | Making Tracks: Pick Up Sticks

Web Clip 1: These four MIDI clips from different loop libraries sound like they don''t belong together.

Web Clip 2: With some quick Velocity and event edits the loops from Web Clip 1 are ready to be used together on a drum track.

Web Clip 3: This clip is a verse drum part before randomization effects are applied.

Web Clip 4: High values of randomization applied to Velocity and quantization give the part a looser feel.

p74 | Sound Design Workshop: Guerilla Tuning Tactics

Web Clip 1: Here several pitch processors are applied in nonstandard ways. The first loop''s downbeat is stretched to four times its normal length. The second loop has been pitched down, while its formant has been raised dramatically. The rhythmic vocal pattern has been constrained to a single note by Antares Auto-Tune 5 at its most unforgiving settings. Finally, the melodic vocal has been transposed across four octaves (five if you count the sustained note at the end) while its formant has been massaged.

p82 | Review: Gibson HD.6 PRO

Web Clip 1: These are some of the analog tones produced by the HD.6-X Pro in Classic mode. The guitar was played through a Roland MicroCube amp and miked with a Royer R-121 mic patched to an SSL Alpha Channel channel strip.

Web Clip 2: Individual strings'' outputs are variously panned in this clip using the HD.6-X Pro''s Hex mode. Note how good the imaging is.

Web Clip 3: Various effects plug-ins were added to the output of each of the HD.6-X Pro''s strings in Hex mode. MOTU Echo was added to the first string; MOTU Tremolo to the second string; Universal Audio Nigel and Waves MondoMod and TransX to the third string; Waves MetaFlanger to the fourth string; DaD Tape to the fifth string; and Universal Audio Nigel to the sixth string. The guitar was simultaneously played through a Roland MicroCube amp and recorded with a Royer R-121 mic patched through an SSL Alpha Channel channel strip. Chorus and multitap delay were added to the entire enchilada.

Web Clip 4: Separate effects are added to the HD.6-X Pro''s top and bottom three strings in “2x3” mode: outboard chorus to the top three (panned to the left) and Universal Audio Nigel plug-in to the bottom three (panned to the right).

p88 | Review: FXPansion BFD2 2.0.5

Web Clip 1: This clip uses a DrumKat to play the Black Oyster Ludwig kit, Ringo Starr''s kit from 1964.

Web Clip 2: This clip also uses a DrumKat, now playing the spiral Vistalite kit once owned by John Bonham.

Web Clip 3: This clip demonstrates the power of BFD2''s new effects processing plug-ins to enhance the sound. A Short drum passage is played with multiple effects (compressors, EQ, gates, etc.) applied, and then with the effects disabled using the Indie Rock preset.

Web Clip 4: This clip is similar to Web Clip 3 but used the Dark Funk preset. Headphones recommended.

p98 | Review: Notion Music Notion 2

Web Clip 1: This is the playback of the alternate noteheads and chord symbols shown in Fig. 2.

Web Clip A: This is a short sample of the Rhythm Section Expansion Kit, including some slap bass and a realistic guitar strum.

Web Clip B: This is a score that uses the string orchestra. The audio for this music is in Web Clip C.

Web Clip C: This is the audio from Web Clip B. Notice how the various playback effects are reflected in the score. I also included a solo violin so you can hear the new Solo Strings Expansion Kit.

Web Clip D: This is a score composed for Violin section and Violin solo. The audio for this score is in Web Clip E. Notice that there is support for tremolo in the string section, but not in the solo library, so tremolo won¹t play back in the solo passage at m. 5

Web Clip E: This is the audio for the score in Web Clip D.

Web Clip F: This example demonstrates the Mallets Expansion Kit shown in Fig. A.

p105 | Quick Pick: Synesthesia Mandala 2.0

Web Clip 1: This clip uses one of my favorite Mandala presets, Magundhi. It has three zones: a sawtooth synth lead, a sitar using gamelan scale tuning, and a sweeping synth pad.

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