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Web Clips for March 2008

February 13, 2008

p24 | Download of the Month: LiveLab LiveSlice

Web Clip 1: This clip was made by capturing four one-bar segments of a 3-part piece in LiveSlice's Slicer. Each segment occupies a track in a different arrangement, and each track is manipulated using LiveSlice's track options. The arrangements were then triggered by a MIDI file.

p54 | Mastering Vinyl

Web Clip 1: Watch the video, "How Records Are Made, Part 1."

Web Clip 2: Watch the video, "How Records Are Made, Part 2."

p64 | Sound Design Workshop: On the Bus

Web Clip 1: This clip begins with the unprocessed master group. Later the master group is split across three prefader send buses, each with different filtering and modulation. Finally all four signals are mixed in the final output.

Web Clip 2: This clip has pauses in the music, during which three sends from the master group are used to apply filter and delay effects. By automating the return levels, the pauses in the music are filled with the output of these time-based effects.

p66 | Square One: Stereo Creativity

Web Clip 1: This is an example of mono hard-panned drums.

Web Clip 2: This is another example of mono hard-panned drums.

Web Clip 3: This example uses two mics on a mono electric guitar.

Web Clip 4: This example demonstrates stereo miking of an electric organ.

p74 | Ableton Live 7

Web Clip 1: This QuickTime-movie clip was made using the Drum Machines Drum Rack 808 Linegraf-105 and its accompanying MIDI clips with added multitrack automation of the Drum Rack Macro controls, as seen in the movie.

Web Clip 2: This clip segues through three Session Drums kits played by Shawn Pelton.

Web Clip 3: This clip features tracks using Live 7's new Drum Machines, Analog, Electric, and Tension instruments.

p80 | Roland SP-555

Web Clips 1 to 12: Click to access David Battino's landing page for SP-555 web clips.

p88 | Native Instruments Kontakt 3.01

Web Clip 1: This new age progression (ending with a Bb7b5 resolving to C) is a favorite of mine, played here by the Kontakt 3 Grand Piano. Kontakt's Violin Ensemble comes in near the end, and the Cello Ensemble reinforces the last chord. Notice the spacious sound produced by the piano's damper pedal.

Web Clip 2: The Kontakt Jam Band in action on a funky C minor chord. You're hearing the Pop Kit, the Pop Bass, the Electric Piano A200 (to which I added a bit of reverb), and the Metallic Lead. To the lead I added the delay before the distortion, a favorite patch of mine, and also some reverb. The effects were done entirely within Kontakt.

p100 | Outsim SynthMaker 1.0.8a

Web Clip 1: This is a short sample of a schematic I created called Frequency Sweeper. (Thanks to Malcolm Barbour of Outsim for his help in writing the code.) It creates an upward or downward sweep for each note you play. There are controls to set the duration, interval, and direction of the sweep. This Schematic also includes Envelope, Echo and Reverb Modules from the SynthMaker library. You can see a picture of the design in Web Clip 2.

Web Clip 2: This is the front panel of the Frequency Sweeper Schematic.

Web Clip 3: This is an example I created using a Schematic called Freehand, which was created by Thomas Weber. Freehand and many other user contributions can be found on the user's forum at Outsim's Web site. A built-in sequencer is doing all the work—I'm just holding down notes and listening as the rhythmic patterns evolve. There are tons of presets in this instrument and lots of opportunities to create your own distinct sounds. You can see a picture of the Freehand design in Web Clip 4.

Web Clip 4: This is a screen shot of a Schematic called Freehand created by Thomas Weber.

Web Clip 5: This is a brief improvised sample of Christoph Bielen''s Uniretro, a virtual analog synth with sequencer and trigger. Uniretro has some terrific presets; I used ElektricScapes1 here. You can see a picture of the design in Web Clip 6.

Web Clip 6: This is a screen shot of Christoph Bielen''s Uniretro.

p108 | Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn III

Web Clip 1: This clip shows off one of the internal drum beats of AdrenaLinn III along with its unique and excellent Sequenced Tremolo effect. I am playing my Koll Tornado straight into the AdrenaLinn III, which is attached directly to my Mobile I/O audio interface.

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