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Web Clips for May 2008

April 7, 2008

p24 | Download of the Month: U-he MFM2

Web Clip 1: MFM2 generated this clip from four single hits on percussions instruments. High feedback settings keep the motion going. Very short delay times together with MFM2's SideBand effect provide the pitches and pitch contours.

p68 | Making Tracks: Loop-0vers

Web Clip 1: This is the first of two live-drum tracks Frank Vilardi provided for this article.

Web Clip 2: Here you hear Frank's loop quantized, then with a loop added from Spectrasonics Retro Funk S.A.G.E. Xpander.

Web Clip 3: This clip adds a loop from Sonic Reality R.A.W. Urban Grooves Style Pak to Web Clip 2.

Web Clip 4: This is the second of two live-drum tracks Frank Vilardi provided for this article.

Web Clip 5: Here you hear the loop from Web Clip 4 quantized, then with pop-country loop from the R.A.W. collection.

Web Clip 6: This clip is a loop from the Stylus Core library before and after processing.

p114 | Quick Pick: Notion Music Progression

Web Clip 1: The instruments in the Notion Music Progression sound library are convincing and varied. This clip combines electric and acoustic gutars, bass, and percussion.

p118 | Quick Pick: Novation nio 2|4

Web Clip 1: This clip was recorded using my Koll Tornado through the nio 2|4 hardware into the FX Rack. I had created a setting using the Marshall (Brit Rock) amp simulation and the delay effect.

p122 | Quick Pick: MusicLab RealStrat 1.0

Web Clip 1: These patterns and chords demonstrate a few of the expressive capabilities, as well as the realism, of MusicLab RealStrat. Notice the timbral changes as I move the pick position between the neck and bridge pickups.

p38 | Master Class: Ableton Live 7

Web Clip 1: In this clip a one-bar drum loop is divided into eight slices: two kick, two snare, and four cymbal. After the first four bars, slices in each group are randomly alternated.

Web Clip 2: In this clip, a one-bar eighth-note-swing drum loop is sliced to create a MIDI file capturing its swing groove. That MIDI file is used to play slices from a bass loop with a slightly different groove. You hear two bars each of the drums, bass, drums with bass, and drums with regrooved bass.

Web Clip 3: This ZIP archive contains a Drum Rack preset template I find useful for triggering loops in a Drum Rack. To use the template, put it in the Slicing folder inside the Defaults folder of the Live Library.

Web Clip 4: To make this clip, several Scenes were resampled and embedded in a Drum Rack so that each pad plays a Scene. Clip automation on the Drum Rack track was then used to remix and otherwise manipulate the Scenes.

p70 | Sound Design Workshop: To the REXcue

Web Clip 1: This song file can be loaded into Propellerhead Reason 4. It was used to create the Ringing Echoes and Speaking Mod Wheel clips. Unmute one of the two beats in the main mixer and experiment with various parameters.

Web Clip 2: The drum samples in this clip, a REX file being played by a Dr.REX in Propellerhead Reason, are transposed down two octaves and then bandpass-filtered. The mod wheel performance, recorded by hand, opens up the decay time on the Reason Dr.REX amplitude envelope, sweeps the filter, and jacks up an aux send on a mixer so that the signal passes through a delay line.

Web Clip 3: Believe it or not, this clip uses the same REX file as Web Clip 2. In this clip, a two-bar beat is processed by a swept EQ peak, two delay lines, and two flangers. The flangers are set to high feedback levels to produce a ringing metallic color.

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