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Wizoo Announces Electric Basses for Steinberg HALion and Emagic EXS24

February 16, 2004

Wizoo has announced Electric Basses for Steinberg HALion and Emagic EXS24. The sound collections are built around samples of a Musicman Stingray and Fender Precision bass. Sampled chromatically, these virtual instruments offer every technique and playing style imaginable, according to the manufacturer. This includes two positions with three to six velocity zones; dead notes and harmonics; half- and whole-step slides up and down; hammer-ons and pull-offs; and incidental noise produced by frets, hands, and slides. All packages feature an array of programs with rich playing options such as MIDI key triggers, pedal switches, and construction kits.

Seven variations of the virtual basses are available at (

To read a review of a Wizoo drum sound library, click here. To read a review of Steinberg HALion, click here.

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