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Yamaha Ships Audiogram Computer Recording Systems

October 22, 2008
Audiogram 6 unit

Yamaha Corporation of America has released the Audiogram 6 ($199.99) and Audiogram 3 ($149.99) Computer Recording Systems. These audio interfaces are ideal for using the computer to record from any microphone, instrument, or audio device.

To begin recording with the Audiogram 3 or 6, just install the included 48- track Audio/MID music-production application, Cubase AI, on your computer and connect the audio interface with the provided USB cable.

The Audiogram 6 offers two XLR combo inputs with preamps, two stereo inputs, one-knob compression, and a USB jack. The Audiogram 3, on the other hand, features one phantom-powered combo input switchable for microphones or instrument recording, a stereo input, a stereo and headphone output, and a USB jack.

Customers who purchase a select Yamaha keyboard, guitar, or bass will receive a $20 rebate on the Audiogram. Also, those who purchase an Audiogram 3 or 6 may register to receive the X Factor DVD featuring more than 4 GB of VST instruments from Sonic Reality, IK Multimedia, FXpansion, and Arturia.

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